Hy Country Setters has five started English Setters (Buck, Buster, Tank, Sammy and Sally) for sale. These setters were in training on wild birds in Montana for the month of September. They also spent three months training and hunting Bobwhite quail on a fourteen thousand acre ranch with eight miles of river bottom in Southeast Colorado . These dogs are whoa broke, force broke, and will point and hold their birds. I have trained the dogs to pull a tricycle and road them three to four times a week. They are buff.

These dogs are Hytest Setter dogs bred by Jack Elliot of Tennessee. Jack is an open all age horseback gentleman who breeds great all age dogs. For example, Hytest Skyhawk won the Quail Invitational, the Cajun Classic, and the Missouri Open this year plus he has quaified for the Nationals in Grand Junction the past three years. The Quail Invitational invites the twelve best pointers in the country for a three day trial. Hytest Skyhawk was the only setter. He was the first setter in the Invitational's forty-eight year history to be called back for the final day. He not only won the trial but won each day. People are saying he is the next Hall of Fame setter; and comparing him to Tekoa Mountain Sunrise. Hytest Skyhawk is the number one setter in the country. Jack has several other dogs doing well on the circuit.

Buck and Buster are full brothers to Hytest Skyhawk from a second litter. Buck is a rangy setter who gobbles up the country with every stride, a bird finder, and one of those dogs that gets stronger as the day goes on. Buster runs with a high head and tail and is exciting to watch. He points like a Greek statue with a high tail and head. Buster is aware of the handler and does not have open all age range but great range for hunting or foot trials. He is a good retriever. Buster is alot of dog. I think so much of him that I bred him to my number one female, Tess. We are very excited about this litter. (see puppies for sale)

Buster and Bucks pedigree

This is Buster.

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Sammy and Sally are from a very good sister of Hytest Skyhawk. Sammy was the number one bird finder of the nine young dogs in Montana. He is also a rangy setter and has a gait for the all day hunt. I have hunted him both morning and afternoon and was amazed that he was stronger in the afternoon. He is beautiful on point with a tail between 10 to 11 oclock. He has a knack for finding birds; he is an enthusiastc retriever, and easy to train. I believe Sammy will be a great hunting dog. Sally is a very smart female, athletic and sweet. A very good hunter and responsive to the handler. Sammy and Sally would not do well with a strong hand.



Tank is a half brother to Hytest Skyhawk. Tank is about a 50 to 55 pound dog that is athletic, a pleasure to watch and a people dog. At each stage of the training process he continues to develop. Tank is whoa broke, points, retrieves,and is responsive to the handler. The pictures of Tank in training say it all.. Ginny, my partner, loves Tank thus if you buy him you will have to cut muster.

 This is Tank.

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These dogs are extremely birdy and exciting to watch in the field. These dogs will hunt with and for you for years to come and should be competitive in the walking trials.


For information (or still photos), please send us an email or, call Earl Wood at (719) 296-8696 or (719) 821-2074.

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